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Black out Beast

Black out Beast

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Beast series cornhole bags from Draggin' Bags are ACL approved and ready to fly!

The long-awaited Karpet style cornhole bag from Draggin' bags. The Beast utilizes the classic Draggin material from the Inferno, Terror, and Byte series for a medium speed go side. The Karpet side is a slower-paced material perfect for the player with a hard-throwing style.

The Beast breaks into a similar soft feeling bag as a PA, and is specifically designed for the "Roll, Cut, Flop shot". If that's your game.

The Beast is a great bag for low to no humidity playing conditions. The Karpet side plays slow like suede in straight throwing slide play but has great releasing ability on hole hanging scenarios for unprecedented board slapping bag drop shots.

Speed on these is: 4-5 Karpet, 5-6 go side.

The Beast series cornhole bags from Draggin' bags.  "Beast Mode" is now officially In Your Bag!