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RNA-Cotton Candy  - 2023 ACL Approved Bags

RNA-Cotton Candy - 2023 ACL Approved Bags

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RNA - 2023 ACL Approved Bags

The RNA brings the tried and true Genetic material for the slow-go side, together with the smooth fast material from the Inferno series. This bag has been designed with the next level of feel and performance in mind. The RNA is considered to have a medium flop factor, and once fully broken in isn't too loose which allows for a higher level of bag control throw after throw. 

If you're looking for a bag that performs in mid to high humidity the RNA is definitely the bag for you. The RNA has similar performance aspects to the Inferno, Viper, and Pro X. 

Speed Rating:
Slow Side = 

Fast Side = 

Flex = 


ACL approved Bags for the 2022-23 season